Multe din site-urile facute nu aduc bani. Cei care vor un site de obicei doar atat au. Un site nu inseamna mai nimic daca nu-si atingele obiectivele: vizibilitate si/sau vanzari. Cand va doriti sa transformati site-ul intr-o unealta productiva, ne puteti contacta.

Few things about SEO elements

Basic Rules In Search Engine Optimisation

    SEO includes a basic set of rules, rules that are valued by search engines when they indexed pages your site.

    1. Presentation page or online store to be built on platforms that can generate very small load times, as this is essential to users and the rating that page will receive.

    2. Presentation page or online store must be accessible and mobile, tablets, we call this mobile friendly.

    3. Contents page must be customer focused and not just to meet the SEO rules. It is true that search engines do not make a large difference between garbage and relevant information, but the clients accessing this page will remain on the site longer.

    4. URLs must be in the format name-of-products and not name_of_products or 43_name-of_products etc. This helps search engines to better differentiate the information on your site

    5. Choosing keywords is an important element when you publish a page for these words define how the page will appear when users search for similar information.

    6. A page must contain key elements of it such as the title, meta elements (title, description, keywords, author, language, alt tag, etc.) and specific elements such as internal links, Htag, syntax, schema.org, and so on.

    7. Page content should be related to the initial plan (keywords), so you can give search engine page rank that page deserve. As I said SEO is not just about rules but about thinking.

    8. Continue to update the information on the website pages. Thus providing customers improve their content and search engines a reason to come back and have a positioning or as high in SERP results page.

    9. Check the site so they do not contain wrong or invalid links, faulty structure, duplicate description of the elements in SEO, etc. These elements are less impotant for clients but are essential in the position it will take in page search engine results.

    10.Check the page to load in a short time about 1-2 seconds. If the time is greater this leads to loss of customers (who are used to click and the page to load) and decrease the site's rating. This will move the site in the results page, the lower position.

    11.Do not start SEO alone even if you know what I mean. SEO professionals, even we will not tell you all the secrets of the rules and especially (if they were discovered). It is obvious that a smaller site has started badly likely to succeed than a site well done from the beginning. Remember these things that will save time and therefore money.

    Do not be afraid to ask. Send an email describing the project and discuss it. We do not charge you rush hour but we want to understand the project and to support success. It seems hard to believe, but what we are. You can convince yourself with a click or a phone call.

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